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Dress Code

We adhere to a student dress code at Aspen Academy because we support the idea that your clothes are not what make you special. Instead, we want to encourage the sense that it is your mind, heart and character that causes an individual to be valued.

The Aspen Academy Uniform Dress Code was established to minimize peer pressure, create socioeconomic equalization, improve the appearance of the student body, allow for better identification of members of the school community, and improve students’ ability to focus in class and to reinforce an academic atmosphere. Continued studies demonstrate that in schools where kids are in uniform, students focus more on their learning (not on their clothes). Students’ and teachers’ expectations are raised. Attendance generally goes up. Superficial differences are eliminated, allowing students to develop their personal flair academically.


Uniform Colors

(Burgundy will be permitted with the old logo only)

Short or Long Sleeve Collared Shirts, Rugby Shirts, Turtlenecks, Mock Turtlenecks

School Logo Required

White, Forest Green, Heather Gray

Solid Color. No Designs.

Knit Dresses

School Logo Required

Forest Green

Available at Land's End

Sweaters or Vests

School Logo Required

Forest Green or Black


Only Aspen Academy sweatshirts/hoodies/zip-up

jackets may be worn in class.


Available for purchase at

Bear's Student Store



Twill or Corduroy Pants, Walking Shorts, Capris, Skorts, Skirts, or Jumpers

Khaki, Black, or Aspen Academy Plaid

Aspen Academy plaid available at Educational Outfitters

Leggings and Tights

White or Black

Shoes: Athletic Shoes for Fitness Classes
Suggested: Close Toed Shoe for all other times

REQUIRED: Performance and Field Trip Uniform

  • Black pants or skirt,
  • White shirt,
  • Black polar tech vest or long sleeve coat with Aspen Academy logo

All uniforms may be purchased from Educational Placement Outfitters or Land’s End. Both organizations will have logo approved uniform items. Sweatshirts and Hoodies and a limited selection of vests can be purchased through Bear’s Student Store.

Land’s End

Bear’s Student Store

Educational Outfitters


Aspen Academy Code is: 9001-0439-9

Open M-F 3:15-3:45 PM

8170 S. University Blvd.

Centennial, CO 720-200-6666

Dress Code Guidelines:
The standard attire for the school year and going forward for Aspen Academy students shall be the REQUIRED Aspen Academy Uniform as stated below.

  • An Aspen Academy logo is required on all shirts, sweaters, vests, and sweatshirts or hoodies.
  • Uniforms shall fit properly and be in good repair.
  • Items shall not be frayed, ripped, torn, or contain holes not manufactured in the garment.
  • Uniforms shall ride at the natural waist. Belts may be required to ensure proper fit.
  • Collared shirts or turtlenecks shall always be worn, even when sweaters, jumpers, or Aspen Academy sweatshirts are also worn.
  • Suggestion: Label your clothing- especially outerwear. Lost and Found is located in the front lobby.
  • The uniform should be worn during all school hours or designated elective activities.
  • Black modestly shorts or leggings must be worn under any open dress or skirt.
  • Hats are not permitted inside the building. However, hats are strongly recommended to be worn outdoors to prevent skin damage during recess or sporting activities. Hats are available at the Bear Student Enterprises.

Dress Down Dollar Days

Most months will have scheduled Dress-Down Dollar Day. On these days, students may dress in non-uniform clothing if they contribute $1.00 (preferably, that they have earned) towards a charitable cause of the student body’s choosing. While this is a dress-down day, students must be suitably dressed for school: no tank tops, spaghetti straps, visible mid-driffs, etc. Shorts and Skirts must be no shorter than 2-inches above the knee. Aspen Academy reserves the right to contact parents to bring appropriate clothing to school if their child is not appropriately dressed.