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Portrait of a Graduate

By the time they graduate, our students will have developed the academic strength, character, and confidence to meet life’s future challenges in an ever-changing world. Specifically, an Aspen Academy graduate is:


  • Goal-orientated and purpose-driven
  • Eager to embrace the next learning opportunity
  • Technologically adept and creative in their pursuit of complex problems
  • Committed to acquiring knowledge not just for school, but for life
  • Inquisitive and intellectually independent

Character and Leadership

  • Committed to enacting on the our values: be kind, do good, work hard, and make the world a better place.
  • Has a deep understanding of self, knows their person worth, and limitless potential.
  • Able to lead and influence others
  • Able to have challenging conversations with integrity and poise
  • Empowered to face challenges with resilience and grit

Community Strength and Service

  • Always mindful that relationships matter
  • A companion of those whose voices are not being heard
  • Compassionate and empathic
  • Globally-minded; recognizes and celebrates the differences in others
  • Aware of the interconnectedness within their own community