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Head of School Welcome

A photo of our Head of School, Ms. Kristina Scala

Kristina Scala

Aspen Academy
Founder, President, Head of School

Aspen Youth Leadership Institute
Founder, Executive Director

Bear's Student Enterprises
Founder, Advisor

Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute
Founder, Executive Director

Aspen Investment Fund
Founder, President

(303) 346-3500

A photo of Head of School, Kristina Scala, with a family at Aspen Academy on the first day of school.

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Aspen Academy website. I am pleased that you have chosen our school as a possible home for your family. This is a remarkable place where we are committed to the belief that children have an infinite capacity to do great things.

Education is perhaps the most important investment you can make in your child's future. As you conduct your search, your greatest challenge is finding the right school for your child. Where do you begin? What questions should you ask as you evaluate the different options?

Consider asking each school you consider the following five questions.

      1. Is the faculty an outstanding, high quality group of professionals?
      2. Is there a low student-to-teacher ratio?
      3. Do students feel challenged and supported by their teachers?
      4. Is there a strong parent community in place to partner with teachers and students?
      5. Is there a demonstrated focus on character and leadership education?

The level of passion, commitment, and love for this school is profound and the level of dedication to providing an extraordinary education experience for our students is amazing. Our faculty is nothing less than superb in every grade and in every classroom. These talented men and women are committed to the success of every one of their students and challenge and support them on a daily basis. We create a nurturing Pre-Kindergarten - 8th grade environment every day where children are challenged and supported as they develop. We emphasize both academics and character education and trust our students to take on responsibilities that are necessary for our community to be successful.

Our parent community partners with us to enable each student to embrace their vision, mission, direction, and focus in a safe environment that allows them freedom from worry and fear.

At the end of an Aspen education, our 8th graders are equipped with the necessary skills to attend the high school of their choice. They have a strong sense of comfort in who they are as a person, maturity, self confidence, and knowledge. Our students are sought after by top high school regionally and nationally, and are ready for the high school experience.

Our students are kind. They have noticeably strong communication and interpersonal skills that enable them to stand up and talk in front of a group with ease. They are self advocates and are confident. They are leaders. This is the “Aspen difference” that will continue to serve our students in high school, in college, as they enter the workforce, and throughout their lives as they strive to make the world a better place.

If you would like to learn more about Aspen, please contact our Admissions Office to arrange for a tour of our spectacular 10-acre campus. Walk our halls, visit our classrooms, explore our outdoor facilities, and talk with our outstanding faculty and students, and you will discover that Aspen Academy is defined by close and caring relationships, solid values and a strong partnership between parents, teachers, and students. That is what makes an Aspen Academy education so valuable.

Kindest Regards,

Head of School Signature

A photo of Head of School, Kristina Scala, with Aspen Alumni.